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Welcome to Fiji FIU

The Fiji Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) is a specialised agency created to collect, analyse and disclose financial information and intelligence. The Fiji FIU was established by the Financial Transactions Reporting Act of 2004.

The Fiji FIU is an integral part of Fiji's fight against Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, Fraudulent Activities, and other Financial Crimes. We oversee compliance with the FTR Act by Financial Institutions, Banks, Foreign Exchange Dealers, Money Transfer Agents, Real Estate Agents, among others.

The Fiji FIU in its Intelligence role provides information to Government Law Enforcement Agencies and Revenue Agencies.

Latest News

Thursday, 18/02/2016
Cases have been brought to the attention of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) involving foreign nationals who have obtained customers’ bank card details by fraudulent means using ATM and EFTPOS skimming devices. The Director of FIU, Mr Razim Buksh said that they have noted an increase in the number of skimming cases since June 2015. The last major and carefully orchestrated incident occurred in December 2015 and affected more than 500 credit and debit cardholders. An attempt to conduct ATM skimming in January 2016 was successfully foiled.
Friday, 25/09/2015
This position reports directly to the Director FIU. The successful applicant will be required to implement and manage FIU’s intelligence and case management systems, handle intelligence development and dissemination processes, and coordinate with relevant domestic and overseas law enforcement authorities on information and intelligence sharing. In addition, the successful candidate will be required to deal with reporting financial institutions and represent the FIU on technical committees.
Tuesday, 11/08/2015
A national risk assessment was conducted by the National AML Council as part of Fiji’s anti-money
laundering (AML) and combating the financing of terrorism (CFT) program.
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